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About The Clinic

WLDY Medical Center is a pioneer private medical center in the region that provides comprehensive care for the pediatrics and youth only. The purpose of the center is to provide full medical care for children. Our doctors and therapists offer a unique set of skills to provide comprehensive medical care for patients from birth until reaching the youth stage with special experience in rehabilitation services, prevention programs, allergy programs, dental services and diagnostic services.
Our patients are no ordinary patients, which is why WLDY Medical Center is no ordinary medical center. It’s an inspiring, child friendly world with innovative facilities and highly qualified pediatricians who know everything there is to know about young bodies and minds. We have spared no efforts in ensuring that our services and our facilities are customized to eliminate any stress or anxiety that might affect children in a traditional hospital environment. Our care and attention goes beyond patients and reaches out to their families as we firmly believe that all children are entitled to a happy and normal childhood regardless of their medical condition.

Wldy Medical Center  


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