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Vitamin Infusions Therapy


Vitamin infusions drip (IV DRIP) are fluids that are specially formulated into cocktails of nutrients,
vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants.
Vitamin infusion drip is administered intravenously directly injected into the blood stream leading to
effective and immediate result to the patients. However, consult your doctor first for proper
recommendation before getting any form of vitamin infusion therapy.
The following are various advantages of Vitamin infusion therapy;

   Glowing Skin
   Prevention and treatment of Anemia
   Hair regrowth
   Detoxification of body toxins
   Boost energy levels
   Alleviate and improves anxiety

How Does Ozone Therapy Work? 


Ozone therapy works in several ways. Oxygen, of course, plays a vital role in the functioning of the human body. Administering ozone can strengthen the immune system by helping to stimulate white blood cells. It helps to destroy bacteria, viruses and fungi and eliminate toxins and has been used as a way of cleaning medical instruments for 100 years. It provides a process to allow red blood cells to carry more oxygen and boost circulation throughout the body.

  Ozone can be administered in a few different ways from injections directly into the veins or muscle to ozone saunas to help improve surface wounds. There are several health benefits that can be obtained from the use of ozone therapy. 

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