Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Department

The department of Quality Improvement and Patient Safety aims to improve quality of care and patient safety in all our medical   facilities. The department formulates policies and procedures as per local and international standards in order to ensure quality & safe care to the patients.

  • The department has structured quality improvement and patient safety program. The manager’s and supervisor’s play an active role in patient safety and quality improvement with support from the top management

  • The proactive infection prevention and control mechanism is in place that promotes a culture of safety by reducing the risk of acquiring and transmitting health-care associated infections

  • The internal quality audit process is in place that determines quality management system conforms to the regulatory requirements as well as to continuously improve services and the safety of our patients, visitors, employees and the environment.

  • A proactive risk management plan is in place which ensures that all risks associated to its operations are being identified, assessed, addressed and the related control measures are being applied.

  • Clinical key performance indicators are developed and benchmarks are defined to ensure best clinical outcome.

  • Conducting and analysing the patient feedback to ensure patient satisfaction

  • Effective complaint management system is in place in order to address patient concerns and complaints

  • Multidisciplinary committees are conducting meetings on regular intervals to monitor the process, protocols, and patient care activities while implementing new quality improvement projects

  • Standardised process is in place to report, investigate and managing of all clinical and non-clinical incidents.

  • Ensure effective in-service orientation and training as well as awareness sessions to improve staff competencies in order to improve patient safety and quality of care.

  • Have developed policies and procedures that maintains privacy & confidentiality of the patient according to laws and regulation

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