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Growth Buyout Strategy

To partner actively with the most accomplished and innovative executive teams in the healthcare industry in GCC area to develop compelling, growth-oriented companies which capitalize on long-term international trends.

About Us

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Trust Vision Investment is a leading healthcare group comprising of healthcare clinics focusing on Cosmetic, Dermatology, Dental, Rehabilitation, and Multi-Specialty services, primarily located across UAE. Trust Vision Investment is focused in the following healthcare segments: • Dental Centers • Beauty Care Centers (Cosmetic and Dermatology) • Dental Laboratories • Primary Medical Centers • Woman-Care Centers • Out-patient Pediatric Rehabilitation Center .

Our History



Market Overview : 

• Growing market: Outlook for the dental/derma/cosmetic industry remains strong due to ageing populations, increased desire to preserve natural teeth, a rising demand for preventative care due to awareness of oral hygiene and increased focus on appearance. 

• Preference during COVID: There has been significant shift where the mass population prefers to visit smaller clinics / polyclinics for Dental / Cosmetic / Derma needs rather than large hospital due to fear of disease spread. 

• Sizeable consolidation opportunity: UAE market remains highly fragmented, consolidation is still in its early stage. 

• Chain advantages: Sizeable opportunity to acquire individual clinics and groups to form chains thereby creating multiples arbitrage, economies of scale, operational and procurement efficiencies. Chains also seek to provide a one-stop shop to patients with increased consistency, specialisations and technologies to provide broader services and increased quality of care, thus helping to attract higher exit multiple.

Target Overview

• Owned and managed by veteran doctor, the Target focuses on a buy and build strategy comprising of healthcare entities focusing on cosmetics, dermatology, dental, rehabilitation and multispecialty services. 

• The Target demonstrated a strong growth trajectory over the past five years, growing from 5 to 22 clinics in three years, whilst remaining profitable and debt-free, and significantly increased revenues and earnings during COVID-19. 

• It is expected that the Target will continue to benefit from the increase in average household income, healthcare spend per capita and demographic shifts in the UAE whilst it plans to grow within its catchment as well as in other markets like KSA.


Facial Therapies

General Surgery



Weight Loss Programs

Kids Rehabilitation

Laser Hair Removal

Multi-Speciality Care Services

After Weight Loss

Hair Transplant

Gynecology & Obstetrics

Skincare & Rejuvenation

IV Zone Therapy

Plastic Surgery

Alternative Medicine


Only Diversified Multi-specialty Healthcare Chain Focused in the UAE

Effective Referral Marketing Strategy & Efficient Cost Management

Multi-brand Strategy to Cater Middle to High Income Consumer Segments

Well-experienced And Positioned to Expand in KSA and Benefit from KSA Demographics Profile & Disease Dynamics

Experienced Management Team Layer to Manage Marketing, Quality Assurance, Procurement, Human Resources, Acquisitions & IT Services

Well-positioned to Act as Feeder For Upcoming Multi-specialty Center (True Life)

Consistently Positive Financial Performance & Strong YoY Performance (With Revenue & Ebitda Growth During Covid-19)

Healthcare is a High Priority Sector For UAE/KSA Government; Furthermore, Gradual Rollout Of ‘Mandatory Health Insurance’ in the UAE/KSA is Expected to Translate into Increase in Demand